Baton Rouge Real Estate

I can’t believe how hard it’s been trying to buy a new home in Baton Rouge.

I’ve burned through two real estate agents already!

The first person I contacted was a Realtor I found through a Twitter search. Since I’m a Social Media Marketing guy, I figured that *any* Baton Rouge Realtor using Twitter would get it and be very responsive and helpful. She responded quickly enough, but when I told her that my budget was $150k she disappeared and stopped returning my emails. Okay, on to plan “B”.

For plan “B”,  I thought I’d go “first-class” and reach out to a company with a big brand name (since we’re in big darn hurry to get this done!). The second rep I contacted was with ReMax Louisiana. ReMax is a big enough name, right? He was also very responsive but he spent so much time ‘qualifying’ me as a buyer that it started to turn me off. I get the whole qualification thing…he has to make sure this is worth spending time on, that he’s going to make money. I told him that my budget was $150k, that I had cash for the typical down payment ( I assumed 5%), that our combined income was $160k, that we had no credit card debt, our credit report was spotless, and that I needed to purchase a home in Baton Rouge within the next 30 days. How is that for qualified? I also asked that he send me some listings (with photos) so I can see what kind of homes we could afford.

Nope, he said. Not a single home available in that price range in all of Baton Rouge.

He did respond, though, to say that if I was pre-approved through his lender that he could help me, but only after he knew how much we could afford to spend.

Huh? What? Why is this so hard?

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