Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Waylon the Stray Cat

This cat on a hot tin roof has nothing to do with the famous play by Tennessee Williams about a Southern family in crisis.

This haggard little guy has been hanging out on the tin roof of our storage shed since the day we moved in. It turns out that he is super-friendly, so we started leaving some food out for him and bought him a little bed. He’s seen better days, but we’ll take care of him.

Since he never leaves, I wonder if this was actually his home and he got left behind. I’ll have to try and contact the old owners.

Waylon the Stray Cat in Bed

Update: His name is Waylon! His parents live just a block away and had heard the story of the little gray cat that had taken up residence here. They were out walking their dogs one night near our house and were surprised to learn that it was their cat! Since he was so old, they assumed he had wandered off and gone to kitty heaven months ago. They are the nicest couple and thanked us for looking after him and they took him home. Waylon came back to visit the next morning, though. I guess we server better food, lol.

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