Wait a Cotton-Pickin’ Minute!

Picture of cotton plant

This post will probably be dreadfully boring for Southerners to read.

Please commence collective eye-rolling, Baton Rouge.

I’m sorry, but this ex-Northerner had no idea that cotton was so cool! How did I manage to go this long without touching real cotton while wearing it on my back for 42 years? I definitely need to get out more.

And it feels just like, uhm, oh, what’s the word I’m looking for?

Oh yeah, it feels just like cotton! Neat-o!

Okay, sorry to bore y’all. I act like 5-year-old when I discover new things.

Geeky Trivia Aside

I tried to do a little research on the term “Cotton-Pickin’ Minute” and discovered many different explanations.

  1. Literally, a measurement of how much cotton can be picked per minute. Perhaps used to compare the output of manual labor vs. machines?
  2. Bugs Bunny said it! Credit for first recorded use?
  3. A term that came into use in the South in the 17th Century to describe a nuisance or something unpleasant (Cotton picking was hard and uncomfortable work!)
  4. Because picking cotton requires pulling off each tuft of cotton individually, the term means tedious and boring?
  5. Polite slang term for “damn”?
  6. A slur with racial overtones?

Any Southerners out there who can set the record straight?

Picture of cotton plant #2

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