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Mike The Tiger - LSU Mascot

Ran into Mike the Tiger at McDonalds, LOL.

Fruit Trees In Baton Rouge!

Baton Rouge Fruit Trees: Satsumas and Meyer Lemons

We haven’t even closed on the house yet, but that didn’t stop me from picking fruit off the trees in the front yard. There are like 200 Satsuma’s and Meyer lemons ripe for the picking so I didn’t think the current owners would mind if I grabbed a few.

Driving around our new neighborhood, I found that these fruit trees are everywhere in Baton Rouge!

I had never heard of Satsuma’s before, so I had to Google it. They are seedless and sweet and the skin is very loose so you can peel them with one hand. They are described on WikiPedia as being like tangerines, but I think they are more like Clementine’s, IMHO. Apparently they were introduced to the West from Japan, and Satsuma, Louisiana (about 25 miles from Baton Rouge) was named after the fruit.

I put the Meyer lemons though the juicer, rinds and all, and made lemonade. How Southern is that!

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