Our New Home at Cobblestone

Cobblestone Pool View 1

We were able to get a short-term lease at Cobblestone while we shop for a permanent home in Baton Rouge. Luckily there are two pools at the complex because it’s pretty darn hot here. Today hit almost 100 degrees!

Cobblestone Apartments Review: If you are looking for an apartment in Baton Rouge, I would definitely recommend Cobblestone after our 9-month experience there. There is a security gate where you have your own personal pass code, the apartments are clean, the maintenance guy is pleasant and very quick to take care of any problems, and it’s a very quiet place to live, despite the fact that it is located right off a busy commercial street. The staff for the most part are very helpful and nice, especially Porcia, who is always available at the main office to answer questions. Miss Carol, the General Manager, was very cold and unfriendly and borderline combative at times, but the residents simply ignore her negative attitude and laugh it off. By the time you read this, I doubt she’ll be working there anymore anyway based on how many people we met at the complex complain about her. Bottom line: Cobblestone Apartments in Baton Rouge is a safe and clean place to live at an affordable price.

Cobblestone Pool View 3

Cobblestone Pool View 2

Heading to Baton Rouge: Part 1

Entering Louisiana

Jody starts her new job next week so we’re driving her car down to Baton Rouge from New York. We took three days to drive the 1,359 miles from Rochester, passing through Louisville, Kentucky, then onto Birmingham, Alabama to visit with friends before finally arriving in Louisiana. It was great to see this beautiful part of the country! I’m staying for a week to help her get settled, then heading back to pack and get the house ready for sale and put on the market.

Entering Baton Rouge

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