Janet Dicharry: Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent

Baton Rouge Real Estate

We finally found a Baton Rouge real estate agent.

Janet Dicharry was referred to us by a co-worker who works for the state of Louisiana and what an awesome referral it was!

Janet was quick to respond to our initial inquiry, was candid (yet polite) about our assumed budget, and was more than happy to educate us about the current state of the real estate market in Baton Rouge so that we had a better idea of what we could afford and what was available.

She took 4 hours out of her busy schedule to drive me all around Baton Rouge to show me the great, the good, (and even the ugly). The other agents we contacted wouldn’t even send us a listing!

Janet was just a breath of fresh air and reminded me that there are great real estate agents out there who really care about their customers.

After we returned to New York, Janet was still very responsive, text-messaging me updates on an hourly basis (even though she was on vacation) about properties we were interested in. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for a better partner in our search for a new home.

If you need a real estate agent in Baton Rouge, I enthusiastically recommend Janet Dicharry without reservation. The experience of working with her so far has been first-class all the way.

Please visit her website at: http://janetd.com/ and let her know that “pixelpunk” referred you.

Baton Rouge Real Estate

I can’t believe how hard it’s been trying to buy a new home in Baton Rouge.

I’ve burned through two real estate agents already!

The first person I contacted was a Realtor I found through a Twitter search. Since I’m a Social Media Marketing guy, I figured that *any* Baton Rouge Realtor using Twitter would get it and be very responsive and helpful. She responded quickly enough, but when I told her that my budget was $150k she disappeared and stopped returning my emails. Okay, on to plan “B”.

For plan “B”,  I thought I’d go “first-class” and reach out to a company with a big brand name (since we’re in big darn hurry to get this done!). The second rep I contacted was with ReMax Louisiana. ReMax is a big enough name, right? He was also very responsive but he spent so much time ‘qualifying’ me as a buyer that it started to turn me off. I get the whole qualification thing…he has to make sure this is worth spending time on, that he’s going to make money. I told him that my budget was $150k, that I had cash for the typical down payment ( I assumed 5%), that our combined income was $160k, that we had no credit card debt, our credit report was spotless, and that I needed to purchase a home in Baton Rouge within the next 30 days. How is that for qualified? I also asked that he send me some listings (with photos) so I can see what kind of homes we could afford.

Nope, he said. Not a single home available in that price range in all of Baton Rouge.

He did respond, though, to say that if I was pre-approved through his lender that he could help me, but only after he knew how much we could afford to spend.

Huh? What? Why is this so hard?

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