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This weekend we saw Nashville icons Eric Brace and Peter Cooper perform along with local Baton Rouge favorites, Flatbed Honeymoon at the Red Dragon Listening Room. What a show! What a venue! It’s a very strange and very cool place to listen to live music. Grammy winners, country music hall-of-famers, national recording artists, and major-league songwriters — they’ve all played at The Red Dragon Listening Room. I think I may have just stumbled upon Baton Rouge’s best kept musical secret.

Picture: Eric Brace and Peter Cooper at Red Dragon Listening Room

Picture: Eric Brace and Peter Cooper at Red Dragon Listening Room #2

The Red Dragon Listening Room is a live music venue idea conceived by Chris Maxwell and his wife Liz about 8 years ago. The ambience is a cross between someone’s living room and an old-fashioned juke joint (Classic juke joints were often set up in private homes). He and his family run this little venture as a hobby, simply for the love of the music itself. Chris is passionate about the music and it shows — the guy just vibrates enthusiasm and positive energy. He and his family, including his daughter, Sara, personally underwrite any monthly expenses in order to host these house concerts for us.

Chris also has a special talent for getting great songwriters to perform there — Guy Clark has played there, Jerry Jeff Walker has played there, even the legendary Billy Joe Shaver has performed at the Red Dragon. Their past roster reads like a who’s who of the country folk blues. They host about two shows per month and the artists usually hang out with the crowd before and after the performance. Some amazing talents have passed through these doors!

They are a “not for profit” venue and their sole purpose for existence is for the love of music itself. Any money that may be collected is considered a donation that goes directly to the artist and they ‘pass the hat’ for the opening act. Chris keeps nothing. As a matter of fact, the building was purchased as a residence, not a business.

That’s worth repeating.

The Red Dragon Listening room is not a business. They don’t sell or serve anything. You can’t even buy a glass of water there (they don’t have glasses!). Even the sound crew works for free. It’s just a big house concert, where Chis personally invites his friends to come over and have a good time. Chris’s guest are welcome to bring a small ice cooler of their own (containing the adult beverages of their choice), snacks and food, well-behaved dogs, whatever!

Seat donations are usually about $20 or you can be a “VIP” for a few bucks more and pick your own seat. Oh, I forgot to mention the very cool seating arrangements! When you walk into Red Dragon, the first 4 or 5 rows of seating are actually comfy couches! So if you pony up another $10 to help pay for the artists hotel rooms and food, you get to pick your favorite place to sit. We enjoyed the show sitting in the very first row on a couple of old rescued office chairs!

This is the place to be if you’re a music lover. It truly is a “listening room”. Special thanks to Chris, Liz and Sara for bringing great music to Baton Rouge. If you’d like an invitation to Chris’s next house concert, email him at and ask to be put on the invite list.

Location and Map
2401 Florida St.
Baton Rouge, LA, 70802

See schedule below

Picture: Eric Brace and Peter Cooper at Red Dragon Listening Room #3

Picture: Flatbed Honeymoon

Update: Here is the complete Red Dragon Listening Room Show List for 2013 from their Facebook page. The schedule below is out of date.


Schedule of Events

Date Artist Donation Time
Sat. March 24 Phil Lee
Kristin Diable Opens
$20 8pm
Fri. March 30 Myshkin
Polly Pry Opens
$20 8pm
Sat. April 14 Will Kimbrough
Martin Flanagan Opens
$25 8pm
Thur. April 26 Randall Bramblett
Opener TBA
$20 8pm
Sat. May 12 Guy Clark (Sold Out)
Barry Hebert & Steve Judice Opens
$100 8pm
Sun. May 13 Guy Clark
Martin Flanagan Opens
$100 4pm
Fri. May 25 Chuck Brodsky 
Carl Kleinpeter Opens
$20 8pm
Fri. June 1 Flatbed Honeymoon
Gal Holliday
$20 8pm
Fri. June 15 Gina Forsyth
Smithfield Fair Opens
$20 8pm
Sat. June 23 Greg Jacobs
Another Okie Opens
$20 8pm
Sat. July 7 Butch Hancock
Eric Schmitt Opens
$20 8pm
Sat. Aug 18 Clay Parker $20 8pm
Thurs. Aug 30 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott $100 8pm
Fri. Sept 14 Irene Kelley
Scott Neubert opens
$20 8pm
Thurs. Sept 20 Slaid Cleaves
Scrappy Jud Newcomb opens
$25 8pm
Fri. Oct 5 Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines
Martin Flanagan opens
$20 8pm
Fri. Oct 19 Truckstop Honeymoon
Adler & Hearne open
$20 8pm
Sat. Oct 27 David Olney
Bronwyn Brent opens
$20 8pm
Fri. Nov 2 John Inmon
Gary Ragan opens
$20 8pm
Fri. Nov 9 Buddy Mondlock
Kevin Higgins & Barbara Malteze open
$20 8pm
Sat. Dec 1 Gregg Wright Band
Chris Canterbury opens
$20 8pm
Wed. Jan 2 Fred Eaglesmith Band $25 8pm
Sat. Jan 12 Spencer Bohren $20 8pm
Fri. Jan 18 Mark Stuart & Stacey Earle $20 8pm
Sat. Feb 1 John Craigie & Jodi James $20 8pm
TDB Shannon Whitworth $20 8pm
Sat. Feb 23 David Egan $20 8pm
March 8 Phil Lee $20 8pm
March 15 Claire Lynch Band $30 8pm
March 30 Roy Bookbinder $20 8pm
April 7 Mary Gauthier $30 8pm
Sat. April 13 Albert & Gage $20 8pm
Fri. April 26 Robbie Fulks $20 8pm
Sat. April 27 Kevin Welch $20 8pm
Fri. May 17 Chuck Brodsky $20 8pm

****All dates are subject to change****

To reserve for any of the above shows, please e-mail Chris at for regular or VIP seats (an extra $10 per seat for each show).

From Chris: "We Are Still Hammering Down Several Dates Beyond This Point Including The Return Of Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, Slaid Cleaves, Buddy Mondlock, Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines, Ray Bonneville And David Olney. I Will Update Things As We Get ‘Em!"

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